First Things First…


There are quite a few things I could start this blog off with. I could start by telling you a few stories that friends relay to me throughout the day. I could tell you about my day job and how intensely satisfying it is, but how I hate having to be there at 7am. I could write in quite a bit of depth about my recent move from the east coast to the west coast, but alas, THAT saga is still in motion and not a story ready to be told. So how about I start with just a little bit about what I would like to get out of this blog.

I wanted a place to really tell it like it is. Not neccessarily in an offensive way, but in a way that gets to the meat of the matter without being overly in-your-face. I mean really…think about it. How many times during the day do you bite your tongue because “it isn’t quite the appropriate thing to say”? How many times have you just wanted to say to someone “Are you seriously complaining about (insert dumbass thing here)?” Lets face it. Our friends ask for advice everyday. Sometimes their issues are pretty intense. Sometimes their issues are incredibly shallow. Do you go for the gusto, tell it like it is, or do you water it down with alot of fluff? Afraid to hurt their feelings? Send them to me and relieve yourself of having to tell them the butt ugly truth.

Here there will be no sugar coating. It will just be whatever it is. Nothing more, nothing less. I originally intended on this being an advice column of sorts. But the possibilities are really much bigger than that.

Today my advice to you is to free yourself. Think about what’s been bothering you and what’s holding you back from taking the next step. Now, get off your ass and tell me about it. Life isn’t getting any longer, friend! You are wasting time worrying and weighing on that one certain thing! If you don’t find some resolution soon I just know that you are going to blow up like a porcupine and the rest of us will get stuck with those spikey little quill thingys and that ain’t cool!

How this will work: Email me your stories, worries, problems, needs for advice at Please use a fictitious name when emailing in order to protect your own identity, if you so wish.

What I WILL do: Recant or summarize your deal on my blog with a response coming from my own life experiences or from other’s experiences that have had a postive outcome. I’m always going to come from an angle of RIGHT vs. WRONG. I will always do my best to protect your anonymity.

What I WONT do: Release your email address without your consent nor will I directly identify you in a blog….unless you specifically request me too…..weird…I don’t know why anyone would do that lol ((shrug))


One thought on “First Things First…

  1. Crystal, dear…..this is gonna sound so silly, but this is what it is. I just worked an all-nighter….on 2 hours sleep. Here it is almost 1:00 and I have to be back to work at 6:00. I don't have my glasses on, so know I can't have read everything correctly…also know I can't be typing everything correctly…..BUT….have to say: You GO, girl! Do you know how much you are loved…how much you mean to others….how much you inspire others? Probably not. You've raised a simply AMAZING family….which is a MONUMENTAL accomplishement on its own…but to have done that, along with everything else you've learned and accomplished is just about unbelievable!! God Bless you…Tim and your family and everyone lucky enough to be touched by you. You remind me of me when I was young and on fire….don't lose it…don't ever let life beat you down. Your old AJ loves you, o-inspired-and-inspiring-one!! God Bless!! (I'm gonna go get 4 hours of sleep and hit it again…but know I won't regret taking the time to check out your blog!) ZZZzzzzzzzzzz…..AJ

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