Living A Peaceful & Spiritual Life

Dear Butt Ugly Truth Readers:

I was surfing the net today researching some things for work and came across this exceprt. Print it, laminate it, keep it in your wallet, put it on your bulletin board, copy and paste it changing the font, print it on colored paper and frame it. Have a copy in your face at all times and apply it at every turn. Share this post with your friends. Lets all try to do this everyday for a week straight and see how your mood and life changes. This is an experiment so leave a comment if you are going to do this with me for a WHOLE SEVEN DAYS. At the end of one week, lets re-post our results or any changes we have seen!

You can get closer to the state of surrender by following these steps:

  1. Every time you think something negative or are in fear, reverse your thought to encompass something positive about the situation. Find a positive perspective to what is going on. There is always something good that is taking place and it is your job to find it.
  2. Believe in a positive outcome. When the world tells you something is impossible. Don t believe them. Believe all is possible and feel your desired outcome all the way down to your bones. You must believe with all your heart. Ask others to believe with you.
  3. Intend for the outcome you want, not the outcome you fear. Don t even let a minute of your thought process be on anything other than the intention for the perfect outcome. Intend for the impossible. Intend for the miracle. Intend for peace of mind. Intend to feel the presence of God.
  4. Surrender, Let Go – have no attachment to the how, why, where or when. Just believe. Hold your thoughts on the positive. Hold your belief in the positive. Place your intention on the positive. Surrender.

Copyright © Lisa Sullivan 2005
Lisa Sullivan is the creator/developer of the altar tool and prayer method “I Surrender This™.””Surrender to the infinite wisdom of the Universe and see the miracles begin”


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