Why Am I Here?

     Why am I here? Honesty….life and all it’s wonder and glory…Not always the way we want it but we are always where we need to be in order to grow to get to where we need to go. My life, the life I live with my family, is interwoven with people, places and things that inspire me to my inner core. I will share that here. This was originally started as an advice blog and I intend to keep the focus going in that direction. But there are so many other things that drive us to better places in our lives than just some crazy lady’s advice! Sometimes we all just need a dose of the butt-ugly-truth!
     So, thanks for stopping by, please don’t forget to leave your comments! You can email me your needs for the butt-ugly-truth at thebuttuglytruth@gmail.com It may not always be what you WANT to hear, but it might be what you NEED to hear!

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