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Living A Peaceful & Spiritual Life

Dear Butt Ugly Truth Readers: I was surfing the net today researching some things for work and came across this exceprt. Print it, laminate it, keep it in your wallet, put it on your bulletin board, copy and paste it changing the font, print it on colored paper and frame it. Have a copy in … Continue reading

Zac Brown Band : Free

Zac Brown Band : Free Follow my videos on vodpod To ALL veterans, thank you for your many sacrifices at home, at sea, in the air and abroad. You go for months sometimes without contact from the people who mean the most to you in order to secure freedom for all people that you have … Continue reading

Inside the Actor’s Guild – Lauren

Dear Butt Ugly Truth Readers: This is Part One in a series of posts that will continue until Lauren’s story is told. Enjoy walking down memory lane paved by her, her sisters and her brother. Part One Thirteen years ago a star was born. A tiny star that promised to grow brighter and bigger year … Continue reading

Bad Mother Daughter Relationships

Dear Butt Ugly Truth Readers, I recently received a letter from a dear, dear friend of mine we will call Grace. I call her this because of the way she exudes grace in her life even through a turbulent relationship with her mother. Her specific situation is a bit unique. I’ve been researching this topic … Continue reading

Homeschool vs. Public School

Dear Butt Ugly Truth Readers: More and more parents are turning to homeschooling to avoid the rigors of what has become the public school nightmare. If you are a regular reader of The Butt Ugly Truth, you know that we are a military family and we’ve lived in Virginia, Iceland, Florida, Connecticut and recently retired to … Continue reading

DeSean Jackson Is A Hero

Dear Butt Ugly Truth Readers: Who watched The View this week? They did an interview with a young boy who was recently the victim of extreme bullying. After telling the story, in walks DeSean Jackson and embraces the family. This is an incredibly touching effort to reach out and give back to his community and … Continue reading

Makeup + Toddler = What Would You Do?

Dear Butt Ugly Truth readers, I have to admit that I am on and off Facebook quite a bit! Being a retired military spouse, I’ve been blessed with seeing the world and cursed with having to build and rebuild friendships more times than I can count. Facebook has given me a way to keep in … Continue reading

The Painful Truth That No One Knows

To my butt ugly truthers: I bet you can all remember the most painful thing that has ever happened to you physically. Just recall for a moment, close your eyes and think back to when you were a kid. What was the worst injury you have ever had? Do you still hurt from it now? What … Continue reading

Alyssa’s RSD Story – Through Her Mother’s Eyes

Today is a low pain day and we are thankful for that. Physical Therapy is helping more and more as are the exercises and homeschooling. But it’s taken four years of doctors, specialists, emergency room visits, ambulances, narcotics and physical therapists to even get a diagnosis for why days are no longer days. They are … Continue reading

Yes…You’re Office Politics SUCK

Welcome back to The Butt Ugly Truth! A few months ago, “Ashley”  was job hunting and came across a great looking company she wanted to work for. She sent her resume in and was immediately contacted for an interview. Ash’s letter goes a little like this: “Dear Butt Ugly Truth: I could really use the butt ugly … Continue reading