How’s Your Mom?

I had an experience today that was more like a heavenly story instead of the butt ugly truth. It was a bit mystical, a bit soft-hearted, and very sweet! Here’s what happened: So I was in the grocery store today trying to decide which brand of coffee to buy (curious because I only drink Starbucks) when … Continue reading

The Value of Friendship

Dear The Butt Ugly Truth Readers: Some say you can choose your friends, but you’re stuck with family. But what happens when you’re stuck with a friend you no longer want to be connected to? What happens when you see that person’s true colors and they are black and blue? You can divorce your spouse, … Continue reading

Ringing in 2011!

Dear Readers, Today is the final day of 2010! I was sitting here thinking about the last 12 months of my life and realized that I have really handed out some serious advice about the butt ugly truth! I have tortured you with my sometimes tangled words of truth, wisdom and strong opinions and I … Continue reading

I’m challenging your Myth, Andrew Webb!

Dearest Butt Ugly Truth Readers: I was doing some research on services available for military members and their families that are in financial trouble. I wanted to write an article that would promote the community services available out there since the need is so strong in the military community. I came across an article written in … Continue reading

Father’s Rights & Why Women Are Wrong

Hello Truth Readers! **DISCLAIMER** In this post, I have taken a non-custodial father’s standpoint with custodial mother’s being the greed mongers. Where there has been a significant amount of forward motion on the behalf of father’s rights, this article could just as easily be told from a non-custodial mother. Think about that** Boy do I have a good … Continue reading

Down for the count

Dear Readers, Thank you for your continued letters and questions! I am currently working remotely and will be back in full swing in about a week or so! I have some very interesting topics to respond to! Keep them coming!! ~Crystal


Dear Readers,  After the whole fiasco on ABC’s “The View” this week, my hair is on FIRE about this topic! First of all, I have huge respect for Whoopi and Joy Behar. The BUTT UGLY TRUTH of it is that they were completely unprofessional during their show with Bill O’Reilly. I mean lets revisit this for … Continue reading

Kids everywhere are asking for this….

Please join me in signing this anti-bullying petition. There are also several new resouce links in my blogroll. Please click them and dont forget to help support the Ugandan movement to the lower right. Let’s share these links with our school administrators and PTA members. To learn more, email me at I want to hear from you! … Continue reading

Stop The Violence

Dear Readers, This was written about a year and a half ago, but in light of ongoing events since then, I felt the need to repost it. Particularly when Tyler Clementi, 18, took his own life after being humiliated by his classmates. Peer bullying is not so much on the rise, but the fallout from … Continue reading

Running on Fumes

Dear Readers,      I had originally posted this as a note on my Facebook page a while ago, but I thought it would be great to post it here after comtemplating Donna’s situation more last night. I hope you enjoy it, please don’t forget to visit my sponsors and leave your comments. Thanks ❤ Crystal … Continue reading